Modern Kitchen Cabinets – The Few Options You Can Opt For

Type Ideas For Kitchen Cabinet

Being called modern, the modern kitchen cabinets are the complete opposite of the traditional cupboard. The more traditional ones are more ornamental but the modern ones are more clean lined and simple in looks. The traditional types are made out of the usual wood with all the trimmings while the modern types are usually made out of glass or metal. The only distinct thing about modern kitchen cabinets is its clean and fresh look. Usually, the modern kitchen cabinets of today are without frames. They have very smooth surfaces and are stained in just one colors.

Black Shaker Kitchen

This black shaker kitchen epitomises the simple beauty of the traditional shaker design. Taking a sophisticated style with classic detailing, combined with our striking color Nightshade. The bold contrasting island is a truly modern twist on this timeless as well as ever-popular kitchen design.

Modern Styles For Kitchen Cabinet

Sage Green Shaker Kitchen

This sage green kitchen takes the traditional shaker style and reinvents it for the modern home. Designed to be different, as well as built by hand using only the finest materials, this kitchen pained in Moonstone can be made to suit your exact requirements.

Some other modern styles have sliding doors or maybe open from the bottom to the top like the overhead storage you see in airplanes. Their handles are simpler and not so much embellished. So this goes the same for its plain hinges. They range from the plain, wooden knobs as well as up to the thin metal or stainless bars. The more traditional ones are those that come in ceramic or antique styles.

Modern Open Plan Kitchen

The Shaker style is perfect for modern open plan kitchens. The hand-made cabinetry of our Hartford design is beautifully crafted with balanced proportions and classic detailing such as pillars at each corner of the over-sized island. Shaker style doors and flat-fronted drawers sit within beaded frames and work surfaces are crowned in smooth Silestone for an effect that is both utilitarian and stylishly modern.

Material For Modern Kitchen Cabinet

Modern Country Kitchen Design

Painted in our uniquely striking color Stormy Sky, this modern country kitchen design brings a fabulous contemporary flair to a traditional shaker kitchen style. Natural light floods in from the feature windows, meaning our design team were able to introduce a bold as well as contrasting color. The end result is an ideal room to create a stunning kitchen that’s perfect for family life.

Stainless steel is the ultimate choice for its cool and smooth look embodies what is genuinely sleek and modern. Others who love colorful ambiances settle for the colored enamel coated cabinets made in metal to make it look alive as well as not make your kitchen turn out to be appearing as an industrial place. Glass doors are also common choices for everything that is modern nowadays.

Elegant Blue Shaker Kitchen

This elegant blue shaker kitchen is a perfect example of how to transform your home into a serene sanctuary. Blue is a popular choice among clients due to its calming qualities and versatile shades. With a wealth of integrated storage as well as sophisticated appliances, this shaker design is an excellent choice for an elegant home.

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