Contemporary Floor Lamps For Your Home

Lighting Your Home With Contemporary Floor Lamps

When it comes to lighting your home, you have several different methods to choose from. Think contemporary floor lamps, for example. There are at least a few hundred styles, designs, and prices of these that can help you to illuminate various rooms in your house. Floor lamps tend to be preferred over other types of lighting because they can quickly be added to any room that is in need of light.

Dutchbone Archer Floor Lamp

Brighten your space with the Archer Floor Lamp from Dutchbone. Manufactured from iron, with a perforated outer shade in a hexagonal design and a gold mesh inner tube, this light really is a beauty to look at. Plus, will make stunning patterns over your walls. The Archer light is also available as a pendant light, so why not create a coordinating lighting scheme throughout your home.

Things to Look For Before Buying Floor Lamps

By Boo Sunlight Floor Lamp

Lighten up any room with the Sunlight Floor Lamp from By Boo. Constructed from natural bamboo in a light and airy design when lit this lamp will create beautiful patterns of light wherever it is situated. Whether you decide to place this in the dining room or a cozy corner of your snug it will always be there to light the way.

If you are thinking of purchasing some floor lamps for your home, you should make some considerations. The first is the wattage of the lamp. If you want to add a soft light to a living room or den, you can opt for a lamp that works with a low wattage light bulb. If you the lamp is to provide lighting for reading or other things in which you need to be able to see well, you will want to go with a lamp that will offer more illumination. Gooseneck and tree-style lamps are good if you need the light focused on one area, such as beside your reading or sewing chair.

Columbus Floor Lamp in Rattan

Brighten up your home, with this unique Rattan Columbus Floor Lamp with a natural finish. The unusual shape and woven textures form a standout piece of interior design. Once lit this unusual light will bounce interesting shadows and patterns across your walls and furnishings. Pair this funky retro piece with your existing furniture to give you home an eclectic feel.

Styles For Floor Lamps

Zuiver Sien Floor Lamp

Sure to add some retro styling, the Sien Floor Lamp from Zuiver will look gorgeous in any corner of the room. Finished with a dark wood veneer border and a stunning cane webbing shade, this tripod lamp will be the perfect addition to your home.

Contemporary floor lamps come in so many styles that it would be difficult not to find one that will match your home. Most lamps are a great deal taller than the rest of the furniture, allowing it to stand out in the crowd. Therefore, the type of lamp you purchase should be based on the decor found within the room you plan to use it in. Wood, metal, paper, and brass among the most common substances used for the creation of floor lamps.

Pien Floor Lamp by Wood

Pien Floor Lamp from Wood, manufactured from steel with a matte black finish, the brass colored foil interior gives this light a striking look that is sure to cast a beautiful warm glow in your home. The Pien light is also available as a table lamp, pendant light and a wall light for you to create the perfect lighting scheme throughout your home.

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