Types of Bookcases & Shelving Units

Bookcases Ideas

The types of bookcases are many and varied. They are all meant to add to the beauty of a room or home while providing extra storage space and utility. However, these aren’t all the same. Each type of bookcase has its own unique look and style that add to its overall effect. So, it’s important to understand the types of bookcases before deciding on which one will best suit your needs. The same goes for choosing any type of shelving units.


Create an industrial look in your living room with this Halmstad Bookcase. Simplistic in style and design but big in character, the Halmstead range is the perfect choice for a contemporary look.

Cube Bookcases Ideas


A one-way ticket to showstopping style, the Facet 3 door open bookcase has a unique as well as incredibly on-trend look that you’ll fall more in love with every day. Built from dark mango wood, it displays gorgeous grains and individual coloring, whilst the backless design gives a sense of space to its statuesque form.

So, in this article and gallery you’ll see different categories based on shape and size. Then there will certainly be some overlap. For instance, a 9-cube bookcase will have drawers and therefore it would fall into a cube bookcase category with drawers. Finally, in this article we use the term-storage unit interchangeably with bookcase.


Built from beautiful black grey oak, the Walden bookcase is a stylish as well as sophisticated addition to the modern home. Featuring alternating shelves of glass and wood, it has an open design that maximises surrounding space. The slim frame is given character by its natural grain, creating a classic contrast against this otherwise contemporary look.

Materials For Bookcases & Shelving Units


As decorative as it is practical, the Ercol Lugo open display shelving unit is adaptable to many needs. Functioning well as a bookcase or a place to showcase your favorite accessories in style, it features an asymmetrical design with some compartments open at the side.

One category worth looking into is the flat-pack variety. These come in a huge range of materials and sizes to cater for the diverse consumer. Some of the most common materials used are wood, metal, plastic, and clear glass. Flat pack bookcases & shelving units are also made in a variety of shapes such as hexagonal, octagonal, rectangular, and square. Whatever look you’re going for you can find a unit or shelve to match. Just make sure the shelves you choose can fit with the overall ambiance of the room or house you want to decorate.


Put your favorite pieces on display with the Sam cross shelving. Crafted from solid oak and veneer, its statement frame combines style with practicality. Strong and sturdy, this bookcase is built to last. Its exciting cross frame is certain to liven up many hallways, home offices or even dining areas.

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