Modern Freestanding Bathtub

Modern Freestanding Bathtub Ideas

The Modern Freestanding Bathtub is a perfect fixture in any bathroom. Not only is it a practical and functional piece of fixture but it can make any bathroom into a comfortable place to be in and it can add a touch of class and personality to the room. A bathroom should be as luxurious and inviting as you would like it to be as well as this tub can accomplish just that.

Verona Freestanding Modern Bath

The striking Verona Freestanding Modern Bath is available in four different lengths. This stand alone bathtub has a contemporary rounded shape as well as features a central tap, allowing you to rest your head at either end. It’s made from high-quality white gloss acrylic that holds its warmth, so you can lie back and relax in the bubbles for even longer.

Bathtub Ideas For Bathroom

Turin 1370 Small Modern Slipper Free Standing Bath

Turin contemporary free standing bathtub, ideal for smaller bathrooms. Suitable as a centre piece for any bathroom design, so this modern slipper bath will make a stylish addition to any bathroom. This bath has been designed for use with wall mounted or floor mounted free standing taps.

These tubs are great for both men and women and they have gained popularity over the years. They come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, which allows for a bigger or smaller bathroom depending on what you have available as well as the size of your space. These tubs can also add some additional storage space for added convenience and make this bathroom an attractive feature in the room. These tubs are constructed out of fiberglass as well as they can withstand a good amount of water.

Sofia 1700 x 800mm Modern Double Ended Freestanding Bath

A contemporary free-standing double ended bathtub featuring a stylish design with clean, curved lines. Made from high grade acrylic with a superb white smooth surface finish. The Sofia bath has been ergonomically designed for long deep relaxing soaks. Perfect for use as a bold centre piece for the bathroom.

Different Models And Styles For Bathtub

Valencia 1615 Square Modern Freestanding Bath

This luxury modern double ended square free-standing bath is part of our our bath collection containing some of the most desirable bath designs available today. Features a stylish thin edge with a integrated chrome finish overflow as well as click clack waste. Made with quality white gloss smooth acrylic.

There are many different models and styles to choose from as well as the Modern Freestanding Bathtub is among the most popular. Some of the great benefits that come with these tubs include: they can also provide a great therapeutic and relaxation experience, they are stylish and functional, and they are easy to clean and care for. The modern bathtub does not take up much room as well as they do not add a lot of extra weight to the bathroom. This makes them a great choice for a new bathroom or remodeling an existing one. So this tub can come in a variety of finishes and will add a new dimension to the look and feel of the bathroom.

Orbit BTW Modern Free Standing Bath (1515 x 940mm)

The superb Orbit modern back to wall double ended curved free-standing bath, so bring a neat finish into your bathroom with this stylish curved space-saving bath. Manufactured from smooth 4-6mm thick white gloss acrylic. Looks great with one of our quality wall mounted or floor mounted free standing bathroom taps.

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