Gorgeously Side And Accent Table Ideas For Your Small Space

Meanwhile side accent table ideas for your small space The most essential part of your small space is the table you use for setting the table and placing things on it. Moreover in a modern home, an accent table should be set against a wall with glass or crystal on it for added appeal and elegance. You can add other tables and furniture to the room but this will only make your space look cramped and smaller.

Side Tables

Side tables are so much more than a sidekick to your sofa. Moreover second to the coffee table? as well as hardly. Whether you opt for one with a shelf for storage or a more straightforward design, it’ll help keep everything you need for your next movie night or reading marathon close at hand. If you have a small size and you are looking for small size of tables that will complement any furniture in your room, you may want to go in for the glass ones. There are several styles available in the market that come in different sizes. Glass tables are very easy to move from one place to another as compared to wood ones which will be heavy and bulky.

KVISTBRO Storage table, white

Store things like throws, newspapers or yarn in the basket or leave it empty to let the design stand out and to create a spacious feeling. Easy to lift and move from the sofa to your favourite armchair.

MARYD Tray table, grey

From breakfast in bed to serving party drinks. This tray table is perfect both beside your bed and in the living room. The tray is removable, making it great for serving – and the underframe is foldable.

Wooden Side Tables

LACK – Side table white easy to assemble

A loyal friend that’s been in our range since 1979. With tender loving care we’ve made it even better. It’s easy to assemble, lift and move around. We’ve kept the prices down, so your spirits go up.

HOL Side table, acacia

Solid wood, a durable natural material.Practical storage space underneath the table top. For more details, watch the following video.

Accent tables made of other materials like copper, iron, and wood can also be used. You need to think about your budget for choosing one of these. There are many online stores that sell accent table ideas of different styles and types at affordable prices. You can also use metal tables that are quite durable and long lasting if you have limited space in your living room. Wood tables are also available in different designs and styles. You can choose wooden side tables or other types of accent tables made up of wood to give an attractive look to your living room.

source IKEA