Best Dining Table Ideas For Your Home

Dining table

Dining table are hot spots where you share good times with family and friends. From small dining tables just for you and your partner, 4 seats, 6 seats, or 10 seats, we make ours sturdy and durable, in lots of styles to help you find what suits your taste. Many are extendable so you’ll always have room for everyone.

MELLTORP Table, white marble or white

This table suits many people from the minimalist to the family demanding everyday strength and durability. Put it in the kitchen or in the dining room. The clean design combines well with many styles.

EKEDALEN Extendable table, dark brown

A durable dining table that makes it easy to have big dinners. A single person can extend the table and there’s plenty of room for chairs since the legs are always located at the corners of the table.

Dining Table Size Ideas

For example, the square table is typically smaller than the rectangular table, and they are often smaller than the round tables. Some people prefer to have the large rectangular table because it has more room for displaying their dishes or food. When choosing your table, make sure that you choose one that is in harmony with the room in which it will be placed. A large round table can be very heavy to move around, and therefore if you want to fit in a large TV or gaming console into the room, it would be wise to go with the larger sized tables instead.

TÄRENDÖ or ADDE Table and 4 chairs, black

The melamine table top is moisture resistant, stain resistant and easy to keep clean.You can stack the chairs, so they take less space when you’re not using them.Don’t let the price fool you. This table has been tested against our strictest standards for stability, durability and safety to withstand everyday use in your home for years.

source IKEA

The Best Materials For The Dining Table

When it comes to choosing the type of material for your table, plastic and glass seem to be the most common choice for most people. Plastic tends to be a good choice for a table because it is affordable, and can easily be cleaned and maintained. If you find that you do not have enough room for your table, you may consider buying two chairs so that you can use the table for more than just a single serving of food. It is best to buy a large one for entertaining so that you have plenty of space to spread out.