If you are looking for a new kitchen accessory, then a stainless steel kitchen dish rack may be just what you need. These are available in many different styles and sizes. It is durable, and easy to clean, but will not rust and should last for many years if you properly care for it. The stainless steel design makes cleaning easier and will not scratch or chip paint.

Bestande Dish Drainer, Silver-Color/White

The dish drainer can be made larger by pulling out the tray, as well you can fit a lot of dishes on a small area.The removable tray collects water from the dish drainer.Holds large plates with a dia. up to 32 cm as well.

Kvot Dish Drainer, Galvanised

Can be folded up to save space.
The material in this product may be recyclable. Please check the recycling rules in your community and if recycling facilities exist in your area.

Stainless steel metal kitchen rack will have a clear plastic plate or wall mounted dish dryer wall with the stainless plate on top. This will prevent food from falling through. If you have ever had to clean out a sink and you are like me, you can’t wait to get out your scrubbing brush. A stainless steel kitchen dish rack is just the thing to avoid this problem. You can find a stainless steel rack to fit any sized kitchen sink. The stainless steel material will allow you to see your food and make sure there is no spilled water anywhere. The dish rack can be moved to other rooms in the house so you won’t have a messy sink.

Ordning Dish Drainer, Stainless Steel

Holds large plates with a dia up to 32 cm as well.Height ca. 50 cm incl. base with dia 32 cm.

source IKEA

Stainless steel is a durable material that does not scratch, dent, or rust. You can clean your stainless steel kitchen dish rack by running a damp cloth over it. Use the mild soap to clean your stainless steel kitchen rack. Make sure to rinse well before you add dish detergent or cleaning solution. You will want to run a mild dish detergent or soap on the stainless steel dish rack after you finish cleaning. You may want to run a mild soap on your stainless steel kitchen rack before you use the dish detergent to remove the food stains.

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Different Types of Stainless Steel Kitchen Dish Rack