13 Adorable White Kitchen Design Ideas

Are you looking forward to give a vintage look to your kitchen? If your answer is yes then you fall in the category of the people who want to make their kitchen space look wonderful but at the same time they don’t want to see it wearing out.

Discover Our Brightest Kitchen Lighting Ideas!

A lot of detail goes into designing a kitchen — the backsplash, countertops, cabinet fronts — and the right lighting can enhance those things even more while making a style statement all on its own. Choosing the right kitchen lighting depends on a whole host of things (natural light, placement of island, ceiling height) but most of all, they have to look great and suite your taste. From bistro-chic to Scandi-modern, here are some of our favorite looks for kitchen lighting from the pages of House & Home.

Suprising Small Kitchen Design Ideas And Decor

Having a hugе kitchen complete with thе latest ѕtаtе-оf-thе-аrt kіtсhеn еԛuірmеnt and appliances іѕ еvеrуоnе’ѕ dream. A lаrgе kіtсhеn provides more thаn еnоugh ѕрасе fоr уоu tо do уоur cooking асtіvіtіеѕ and to рut all оf your cooking equipments. Hоwеvеr, nоt everyone hаѕ thе luxury оf having a big kitchen in their hоuѕе. A lоt оf modern hоuѕеѕ оr араrtmеntѕ аrе еԛuірреd with ԛuіtе ѕmаll kіtсhеnѕ. Below аrе several simple ѕmаll kіtсhеn dеѕіgn tірѕ that will hеlр уоu to make thе mоѕt оf thе available ѕрасе.

Vote on Our Kitchen Backsplash! And Kitchen/Dining Room Decor Sources

We just had our floor tile and grout professionally cleaned by Coconut Cleaning Co. and it seemed like the perfect time to get some fresh photos of our home. I am also sharing the sources for all of our kitchen lighting, paint, and decor. So keep reading!

Lovely Kitchen Designs with a Touch of Wood

Kitchen is not only made for cooking and food preparation, but it might also be a beautiful place to accumulate with people you love. This is how we want a operational kitchen that is also comfy to live in.

White kitchen with wood accents

Our theme choice for today is a white kitchen with wood accents. White is a timeless color that is the perfect choice for contemporary and classic design kitchens. Beautiful white kitchens are suitable for small spaces that lack natural light because the white creates a sense of openness and glossy surfaces reflect the light and make the space visually larger. Please note that there are more white color shades. It is advised to choose a warmer shade of white (from the yellow to red part of the spectrum of colors) because the snow-white coming from the blue-green part of the spectrum makes the space cold.

Dark Grey Shaker Style Kitchen

This impeccable dark grey shaker style kitchen brings a classic concept bang up to date. The hand-painted finish echoes the quality and craftsmanship that has gone into every inch of the design and build. Typical shaker style open shelving is given a contemporary twist with discreet lighting to showcase gleaming copperware. The design promotes a sense of space and highlights the ingenious planning that has gone into every aspect of this kitchen from its appliances to the generously-sized, bespoke island.

Decor Inspiration For Home Kitchen

For many redecorating your kitchen can be an expensive and time-consuming project. But in this article, we provide you with some kitchen decorating ideas which you may wish to consider when you finally decide that your kitchen needs updating.

Beautiful Vintage Interiors On H&H TV

Drake General Store cofounder Carlo Colacci and his wife Laura take us inside their eclectic Toronto home. As collectors of antiques and vintage finds, the couple’s home incorporates unique decor from different eras. See how they mix found accessories with bold decor for a playful, personalized space.

Most Beautiful Kitchen Decorating Ideas 2019

If your preparation area is no bigger than a cupboard, even a person can feel like many cooks in the kitchen. These tricks will help you make the most of your counter space and cabinets. And if you want to plan your future huge dream kitchen, look at more inspiration.

Multifunctional Kitchen Islands With Seating

The kitchen island is a must-have in most homes. Even though being able to incorporate it into the décor means that you need to have a kitchen that’s large enough to accommodate it without problems, this restriction doesn’t go as far as that. The great thing about kitchens islands is that they’re usually multifunctional.A kitchen island can be a great prep area, especially if it has a built-in sink. But the versatility doesn’t stop here. You can also use the kitchen island as a bar or breakfast area.

House of Silver Lining: The Forest Modern Christmas Home Tour: The Kitchen

A kitchen renovation can add money to your home and is one of the most important things that buyers look at. A renovation can also free up your space and get the items you’ve always wanted; things like a kitchen island or a new sun room to enjoy your breakfast in.

Awesome Gray Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas

Kitchen trends go in and out of style but a few trends become design staples. Dark wood cabinets with granite is still considered a stylish choice after decades of popularity. White kitchens began as a trend and are still at the top of home decorating wishlists after several years. Gray kitchens began trending a few years ago and have now become another classic kitchen color choice.